Under Armour Toxic Six Reveiw

Jag ska göra ett lite recension på Engelska efter önskemål på mina nya löpar-pjuk!

I resently bougt my Self a pair of Under Armuor Toxic Six Running shoe to try out, light wigeht running shos, they looked super sweet so i Thougt I would try them out. First quick look at them was that it would be a thin and comferubel shoe, the asymetrik lacing is a super cool feature but alsow helps a lot to make a snug fit on yout foot. The shoe fits my feet nicely and i think they will fit a wide array of feet youst becuse of the super thin and flexibel uper. The Sole on the shoe felt wery flexible so I was sceptical to taket hem for a run. Im not a avid runner so my running step is not the moste otimal but running in the´s was super nice, the hade the suport that i need and the damping for running on hard surfises.

I like my new running shoes, super light wiehgt, super comfrtebul and super fast! I might even havet hem to my next Triathlon race!


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